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Script to Change field on Multiple Records and a few others ...


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Briefly, and I'm a bit simple when it comes to scripting so bare with me ... what I have is a lending library of tapes. I have tables for Library, Library_to_Dispatch and then a Dispatch table (which is really a history of all the dispatch notes). Basically what I am aiming to do is as people borrow and return tapes regularly I have to create dispatch notes, and I can add lots of tapes to these and then print off a dispatch note and issue. When they are returned I hit a button saying they are all back and it automatically logs all back in, and moves the dispatch note to the history/archive pile.


However, I am struggling with a few scripts.


Firstly I have several tapes in my portal and when I hit my dispatch all tapes, I need my script to automatically change the status field of each record to say the item is unavailable. I have managed to change the status of the first record listed, but how do i make it do all of them?


Secondly, if i know how to do the above i'll be able to log them all in again when they are returned!!


And finally, in my library layout there is a button to log out a tape, this goes to a new layout where the user can select create a new dispatch note or add to an existing dispatch note. What i want to do is carry the Library_ID number across to the dispatch note and it automatically appear in the portal.


Any clues, ideas, help would be much appreciated!


Thank you for reading this,


Nimble x


Oh and if it helps I'm using version 7 on a mac.

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