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Littel help plz


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guys i am using filemaker 5.0 & canto cumulus 4.0 in maz os9 using databeas for advertsing company to do the archiving system i have layout & every thing was ready i just but the data by cumulus then to browse it by filemaker 5.0 now....

we need to use the new virign of them ok is it the same way or its diffrent plz i need ur help and if there anyone who know to make an new system arching and he is in saudi arabia plz infor me




plz if there anyony online teatching filemaker i need him help


thanks alot


next time i will put the images for the system that i am using it

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I haven't heard of Canto Cumulus in years and years. I would ditch Cumulus and store your images on a file server and directly reference them in FileMaker.

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Filemaker's container fields let you insert an image (or a flle, or a QuickTime movie) with the option "store only a reference to the image/file/etc". That means that if the image on the hard disk is moved or deleted, it disappears out of FileMaker; and that if you modify the image (or file) in its native program (like upping the contrast and cropping for example) those changes show up in FileMaker as well.


The inserting of images as references can be done via script or manually.


In a multi-user environment, you want all the images to be on a file server, that is to say neither the computer that any end user sits at (their local computer) nor the same computer that FileMaker Server (or the FileMaker host in a peer-networking environment) are running on, but instead a 3rd computer; a computer whose folders are at the same logical path to all users no matter what computer they are sitting at.


The text descriptions of the image would be stored in fields within FileMaker (keywords and whatnot).

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