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Tracking a history of employment for each employee


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Okay, we use a lot of contract/project hire people and need to keep a history of each negotiated deal while they worked for the company.


So candidate starts first time and we have the info: Name, Position, Show, Rate, Start Date and End Date. No problem. After he leaves, that is still the last current info.


So now we hire him back for another project, start a new negotiation but do not want to lose the data from previous time working here. So we stuff that into another table that we can reference in a portal below the current info.


Rinse and repeat.


Now this proved way successful last time so I am enclosing a simple file that represents what I mean. Easier to look it over and might make more sense.


I have a script attached to a button that should 'archive' the last contract info to another table that we reference in portal. What I am getting wrong is instead of creating new histories, it keeps overwriting the same one.


So I tried a more complex script that had the logic in my head and tried to replicate the behaviour, not quite right either.


So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And I will continue to haunt the forums looking, in case there is already a similar question to mine with an answer.

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Without even looking at your post, this is what I would do (and actually did): create a table called "Employment History". Equate this to Employee by Employee ID.


Place a portal of Employment History on an Employee layout with a "descending start date" sort, and the current or most recent employment stint will be at the top of the portal.

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I understand what you are saying in theory but it is the practical implementation that is eluding me. I think that is what I tried to do in the sample file. That is indeed the behaviour I am looking for. But I most certainly not getting the results. The problem is I am unable to write more than one record to this other table tied to the Employee ID. Every time I write to the Employment History, it just keeps overwriting the same record, therfore, I have no history. The portal sees these records but there is never more than one record per employee history. That is where I am running into problems. Either the logic of what needs to be scripted is still lost on me or the relationships between tables.


I am still struggling with how to write a 'script' in FMP. I can write logic that does what I need in say basic, python or even visual basic but FMP continues to stump me some times :)

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Sounds like you are not using a portal, as Techphan indicated you should.


A portal is a window into multiple other related records. One employee with a portal to MANY different history records. If you did that, and also enable record creation on the history side of the relationship (it's a checkbox that you check when you define the relationship itself), you should always have an empty blank line waiting for you to put more history information into, without overwriting the line (or lines) that already have info in them.


I am still struggling with how to write a 'script' in FMP. I can write logic that does what I need in say basic, python or even visual basic but FMP continues to stump me some times


Intellectually, and in the abstract, i can understand that because FileMaker's scripting language is not an immediate cousin of any other. But viscerally it's still like hearing someone say "I understand how to express that thought in quantum brain states as a series of electrostatic charge parameters represented in attowatt-equivalent differentials expressed on a per-microsecond basis, but I'll be damned if can figure out how to say it in English" ;)

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Okay, that final paragraph by AHunter made me damn near snort coffee through my nose as I was reading, I was laughing so hard :)


In the attached file below, I am actually using a portal. But I suspect that I am trying to use it in a manner that is incorrect. I believe I understand what you guys are trying to explain to me. I actually grabbed a copy of the mock up attached and tried re-building it the way you are sugesting and I am getting some functionality.


The problem is how this is being used by the department I am supporting. They are not working within the portal. The have existing fields in a layout that retains the info. This is what I am trying to grab and stuff into another table, that is then viewed in the portal on the original record.


And perhaps what they want is not possible and that is what I am trying to determine. It is end f day for me so I will ponder this on way home and revisit tomorrow morning. Maybe I can draw a diagram of what they are currently working like and how I am trying to save this info.



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Links can be made on multiple fields.


So simplify your life and stop duplicating records and just add a field that says active and inactive and then use a global for the main record that says active or inactive and those records will show.

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