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Once data in portal fieldA is entered, skip to specific portal fieldD next


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I might just move the two portal fields next to each other, but I was wondering how I can set a portal field to skip to a specific field in the same portal once data is entered? Right now, it just goes to the next field, so from fieldA to field B, but I want the cursor to move to fieldD down the line as the next field. It's not necessary of course, but for the other employees I think it would just be easier for them with this new system.


Not knowing this kind of stuff makes me think I've got the most retarded database set up ever Poo!:(


I've been searching the forum for the past 30 minutes on this and some other questions I have, but even an advanced search either pulls up 5 threads, or 500 (I'm thinking the maximum amount of results as it happens to me all the time).

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