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Script or Calculation to refer back to a record


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I have a layout (called Main Stills) and a layout that is a list of all of the records in that layout (called Stills Report). I've added a Detail button to the Stills Report layout that will ideally take you back to the relevant record. (For example, click the button for Record #3 in the list and it'll go straight to the full Record #3 in the Main Stills layout.)


Can someone give me a lead on how I can tell that button to go to the record associated with that line?



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1) If it is based on the same TO then you can just change layouts (to another layout based upon same table).


2) If not #1 then use GTRR (Go to related record).

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since you are talking about scripting have you ever seen this one. I have 5 phone number fields, 2 land, 1 cell, and 2 fax fields. I used the same validation script for all 5

Let(phone = Filter(Phone2;"0123456789");"(" & Left(phone;3) & ") " & Middle(phone;4;3) & "-" & Middle(phone;7;4))

changing the field name each time.

On the form view it only works for the 2 phone fields Phone1 and Phone2. In the database view it works for both the phone fields and some of the cell phone fields. And when i link this file to another and import the fields it works for none of them. Same formula. going crazy. I have changed "phone" to fax to cell to fax1 just going a bit nuts.

can you help me please? thanks for your time

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