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General FileMaker Pro Development Method?



Hi all,


I am new to FMP development. I found it difficult to carry out on going FMP development since when I am developing a new function on an existing database, users have to stop working on the database and wait for me. This is not acceptable since the development may take a long time.


Is there any way to have a test environment that I can safely play with, and once I am happy about the new functions I can quickly roll them out to the production database?



Thank you in advance!

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you should always do your development on a copy that is not live and accessible by users. So what you do is make a backup, modify it, and after testing,

- make an empty clone of it

- take the old version offline

- import the data from the old version into the modified empty clone. It's probably a good idea to write an import script to do this for you.

- put it online and test again

- release it to the users

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