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Script for creating single page pdf


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Hello! I would like to have a script that exports every record in a layout to a separate pdf file that is individually name (in this case, I want it named a particular field name). I am very new to the scripting thing, so any advice that is dumbed down will help me!


Thank you!

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Go to Record [First]


...Set Variable [$PDFPath; Get(DocumentsPath)&"/"& YourTable::YourField&".pdf"

...If [Get(SystemPlatform) = 2]

...... Set Variable [$PDFPath, "filewin:/"& Middle ($PDFPath, 2, Length ($PDFPath))]

...End If

...Save Records as PDF [current record, no dialog, to $PDFPath]

...Go to Record [Next, Exit After Last]

End Loop




In this example the assumption is that you want them dumped out into your Documents folder. You can do a subfolder, you can put them somewhere other than in Documents such as on your Desktop, etc, but it is easiest if the folder you are sticking them in is either on the Desktop or in Documents, since we have functions for "getting" those. Otherwise you'd have to input a hardwired path or calculate the path from some other info.

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