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Multiple Find Strategy


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I'm not sure that I've taken the right approach in solving the following search problem:


Have a database with about 20 elements that need to be searched.

* Five are ranges.

* The remaining 15 or so are displayed as multiple check boxes.

All are displayed on a separate Search layout. [For what it is worth, it is likely that an average maximum of 5 or 6 of the data elements would be searched by a user at any given time.]


For the range searches, created a script that embeds all five. (Many thanks to AHunter3 for help)

For the 15 or so multiple check-boxed fields, created separate scripts for each field (and many thanks to Ender for that solution).


I tested each script separately and the results were correct. That is I ran the each script against various data combinations for its related field and got right answers in all cases.


Then I created a master script which incorporates, as sub-scripts, each of the individual scripts I had already written. After disabling the find function in each sub-script [and then including that function in the master script], I began by testing the master script, adding one sub-script at a time and checking the results after each run.


The master script, not unexpectedly, performed fine with a single sub-script; the search on the first field performed as expected.


Then the trouble began.


When adding the 2nd sub-script, which previously had run as expected, the result was short a number of records. The error is reproducible, but I cannot see a pattern.


I'm guessing that I have taken a wrong approach to this problem and was wondering if anyone else may have tried this approach and have any suggestions about debugging. Maybe I need to take a different approach? BTW I'm using Pro 8.5 Advanced with the debugging tool turned on and the data viewer turned on. That has sort of helped, but hasn't shed any light on a possible solution, probably because of my inexperience.


Thank you very much for any guidance/suggestions. This forum is a life-saver for me.

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Thank you very much for wading through this .... above and beyond ...


The attached PDF contains:

* The master script

* Subscript for PlantGroup [required entry]; multi-checkbox

* Subscript for multiple range search criteria

* Subscript for FlowerPeriod; multi-checkbox


* Subscript for FruitType; also multi-checkbox.


The other subscripts in the master that are disabled, have not yet been tested against the master file, but have been tested individually.


Most grateful ...


Bill Cole

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