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Performing a find on a portal


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This is probably dead easy but I can't get my head round the best way to do it!


I have a table called calender (A list of dates and activities) which I want to display as a portal on the frontpage of my application. That bit is easy.


However, I want to only display future tasks. If I wasnt using a portal I would probably just perorm a find on the calender layout and just display future dates.


Am I able to perform a find on a portal so that it only displays future tasks?





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In the table for the "frontpage", create date calculation. Something like:


  • DateFilter = Get (CurrentDate)


Then include that field in the relationship to your calendar table. It probably will look something like:

Frontpage::ID = Calendar::FrontpageID //or however you have that relationship already



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What Josh is rightly suggesting, is that, with portals, a FIND is not the best way to get there. The way to get there is to have a table occurrence for the portal window, and use the relationship to filter the contents of the table occurrence to contain the data that you want, in effect, creating your "find".


You set a field on the parent side (layout context) of the relationship to a value that matches the information that you want to be displayed in the child side portal (context, portal's table occurrence). The relationship between the 2, defines what is visible in the portal, based on what the relationship filters in the child table occurrence.


You can have as many TOs as you want, based on any one source table. Each TO will contain a visible subset of the source table data, based on the defined relationship.


Make sense??

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