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Analysis tools?


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I am using Filemaker 10 pro advanced for building a database for my company.


That being said, I have developed a survey in filemaker for our business which I have compiled all data, and now my boss is wanting analysis done from the survey...for example what percentage of people agree with ths question etc....analysis toold/ statistical tools.


Just wondering if Filemaker can do this, as I am new to this filemaker world...


\\\\\\\\thankds in advance//////////

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Will FM do it "automatically?" No



You have to design the (report) layouts to get the answers you are looking for by using summary fields to total up the different votes (selections).

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How to do such a thing depends very much on the structure. If you've planned ahead and built it normalized, with tables for Survey, Question, & Answer (and maybe others), then it won't be too hard to build sub-summary reports with the Answers. If you made all your questions individual fields in a single table, then there's not an easy way to get a combined report for all questions. Instead you may be stuck reporting on each question seperately.

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I'll have a look at the webinar...but as for structures and tables, that is way over my head, I am too new to even pretend to do that, I made a survey in excel, transposed the data to filemaker, and my boss wanted results at the end.......dunno if filemaker was a good choice, might hae been a waste of money..


i'll check out the webinar...maybe that wll help

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