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Red text if modified


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Thanks for any help on this one.


I have a work order database. When a work order is released, I lock it and changes can only be made by hitting the Revision button.


When a work order has been revised, how can I make it so that anything that gets changed shows up RED?


I've tried conditional formatting, lookups, and validation (so it only happens when the field gets modified), but I haven't solved it. What am I missing?

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Maybe more detail will help...


I have a field called IsRevised in the Work Order table that gets set to 1 by the "Revise Work Order" script. The line items of the Work Order, that were locked when the Work Order got released, are now unlocked for editing. However, we need to see what changed without having to compare every line word for word.


So, I need to have anything that gets changed to show up RED while the existing text stays black. And a bonus would be to have anything that is "deleted" to show up lined through instead of deleted.


I tried conditional formatting, but when I used Formula = IsRevised=1 to set the color to red, the existing text went red too. And when I used validation to only check if IsRevised=1 when the Description field in the line item had been modified, FM complained about my use of another field (IsRevised) any time it wasn't equal to 1.


I feel like there should be a way to use Validation to check whether IsRevised=1 and Description has been modified and if so, set the TextColor to RED, but I haven't found a combination that would work.


I need the text in description set to RED if it has been modified after IsRevised has been set to 1.


By the way, Description is a field in a portal of line items inside the Work Order. So, there are two tables in use.


Thanks again for all you do! You folks are awesome!

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