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Relationships and opening filemaker in a chain


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In the database we use, we have an 'Images' file, which exceeded the size limit, so I had to create a new, identical file, called 'Images 2'. So far, I am having problems with the relationships, I have set them up as in the original 'Images' file, but whereas other fields are filled in automatically, this does not happen in 'Images 2'.

How do I determine whether I need to use a look-up, many-to-many correspondence, or portals? I have been reading the manual, but nothing I try seems to work, and now, some fields have come up with the message 'file missing', for no apparent reason. Can anyone help?


Also, the rest of our database opens as a chain, you open the first file, and then open the last, and all files in between open. This is not the case with 'Images 2'. Do I need to link it to the others, and if so, how? I cannot find anyhting in the manual about this.

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It's not clear what the problem is. But I'd suggest upgrading your FileMaker version to something that can handle bigger file sizes. This way you can maintain the correct structure and not have to make workarounds. Anything FM7 or later will do, thoough you might as well upgrade to FM9 or FM10.


Keep in mind that upgrading from FM5/6 to a later version is a one-way trip, and may require some clean up of the structure and scripts. See the Foundations and Migration Methodologies white paper on FileMaker's website for details. If you have a simple structure, it will be pretty painless. If you have many related files or complex scripts, it could take considerable time to iron everything out. (Yes, it's worth the trouble.)

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Thank you very much.


I have been trying to get an upgrade for a while, so it's good to have someone elses recommendation on this.


No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to work. I have tried making minor changes in the fields, within relationships, but I can't find out.


Do you know how to check whether a file is using look-ups or portals?

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