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I've got 4 calculation fields called


"Syntax Test 1"

"Syntax Test 2"

"Syntax Test 3"

"Syntax Test 4"


For each field, I would like to use part of the Fieldname to create a variable for the rest of the calculation (with the Let-function)


This may be a very stupid question, but is it at all possible to extract the fieldNAME (not fieldcontents) by means of a FM function with Self as an argument of this function?


Any suggestions?


Kind regards,



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If you are setting up field definitions for each field, presumably YOU KNOW what field it is that you are defining when you're defining it, yes? That is, just do this kind of thing


Syntax Test 1 = "Syntax Test 1" & OtherField & Get(AccountName)

Syntax Text 2 = "Syntax Test 2" & OtherField & Get(AccountName)


instead of trying to figure out how to reference the field name dynamically in some fashion akin to this:


Syntax Test 1 = FieldName(GetField(FieldBeingDefined)) & OtherField & Get(AccountName)

Syntax Text 2 = FieldName(GetField(FieldBeingDefined)) & OtherField & Get(AccountName)


those don't work, in case you're wondering



Is there something you did not tell us that would explain why hardwiring in the name of the field within the field definition would not work just fine?

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