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where are my fields located

chelle mac

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I've inherited a database with many fields and many layouts. is there an easy, systemic way to identify what fields are on what layouts? I'm in FMP 6.0.

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Not without the right tools.


For FM6, Analyzer and MetadataMagic are good tools to see where things are used.


I don't know if Analyzer is still available, but as I recall, you need the Developer version of FileMaker 6 to generate a DDR (Database Design Report) for it. MetadataMagic doesn't require a DDR and can also fix file references. If you ever plan on upgrading to a newer version, fixing file references is a good step for avoiding some problems in converted multi-file solutions.


The DDR alone can also show where fields are used, but it's not as easy to work with and doesn't handle dependencies in other files as well.

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Actually, if I am allowed to interpret the OP literally (you just want to know which fields are on which layouts of your database files) you can do that with a plain old script, plus a global text field and a global number field:


Define g.Report as a global text field and g.LayoutNumber as a global number field


then write this script:


Set Field [g.LayoutNumber, 1]


.. Exit Loop If [g.LayoutNumber > Status(CurrentLayoutCount)]

.. Go to Layout [layout number from field, g.LayoutNumber]

.. Set Field [g.Report, g.Report & Left ("¶", Length (g.Report)) & Status(CurrentLayoutName) & ": " & FieldNames (Status(CurrentFileName), Status(CurrentLayoutName))]

.. Set Field [g.LayoutNumber, g.LayoutNumber + 1]

End Loop


Now you have your "report" in that global text field g.Report. You can put it on a layout, you can show it in a custom dialog, you can email it to yourself as the email body, etc etc



However, Ender is right, this won't tell you that the field "Company Name" on the Company Report layout is actually in a different file and that you are seeing it via a relationship. And so forth. All you get is field names and layout names.

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