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Find Range of Ranges


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Have several fields which are described as a range, with a pair of minimum and maximum fields for each. [E.g. SoilPHMin, SoilPHMax .... etc.]


User can separately define a range for one or more of these fields to search for. For example if the user wants to find all records with a SoilPH range between 1 and 5, a correct response would be not only the record(s) that have a min of 1 and max of 5, but ALSO records where the min would be equal to or greater than 1 AND the maximum would be equal to or less than 5. [i do a pre-processing check to make sure the min is not greater than the maximum, etc.]


I've set up global fields to capture the search request min/max values and then convert those to a global range value, but I'm having a brain block about how to take that data and give me the result I need. Maybe I'm approaching this in the wrong way.


A clue or two would be greatly appreciated. I've got to be staring the solution in the face, but I'm just not seeing it.


Bill Cole


Thanks very much as always.

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So SoilPHMin contains a single number (let's say 2) and SoilPHMax also contains a single number (let's say 5)?


And you want to enable your end users to do a find for all records with a SoilPH between a specified minimum and a specified maximum, say 3 thru 6?


Assuming your users do their min and max input into a pair of global number fields...


Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [YourTable::SoilPHMin; "≥ " &YourTable::g.FindMin]

Set Field [YourTable::SoilPHMax; "≤ " & YourTable::g.FindMax]

Set Error Capture [On]

Perform Find []


in this example your hypothetical rec would not be found by that criteria: it fits for Max (the specified SEARCH max exceeds the record MAX) but it flunks on Min (the specified SEARCH min is higher than the record min, meaning the record min is too low to fit the description searched for).


Sound right?

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Thanks very much. Absolutely correct; the record with min of 3 and max of 6 would be outside the search range of min 2 and max 5.


Using these criteria, the following ranges would pass:



4..4 [it's possible, though not likely, that the min/max (PH in this case) can be the same]


These ranges would not pass:





I really appreciate your helping me out on this. Great learning experience.

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