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Web Viewer Refresh


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I hope I don't wear out my welcome here but trust me I always do a search in the forum before asking my questions and can't seem to find any previous related posts.


today's question: when using a webviewer, is it possible to have it refresh?


In other words, I am trying to link to a page that pushes out (refreshes) fresh data every 30 seconds.


The main page is http://atm.navcanada.ca/atm/iwv/CYYC


But due to space constraints, I am only hoping to pull down the main graphic:

which is http://atm.navcanada.ca/images/iwv/CYYC.png


I am hoping to force a refresh every 15 or 30 seconds. Does FM10ADV have this capability of forcing the refresh?


I guess I could always create a new webpage of my own design and link to that?


Thanks gang.

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If you set a web viewer to this address:




... you'll quickly discover that any web site that already has code on it to auto-refresh or flip through different ads every x seconds, etc, do so in a Filemaker web viewer just as they do in a regular browser. That's the way to do it: put the refresh code on the web page itself.

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Fair enough. Looks like I'll create a webpage with just the graphic and then create a refresh on that page so it refreshes at a 30 second interval.


Thought FM might have a command or setting that could do it.


Thanks for the reply.



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