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Hi everyone

I am sorry, I am very new at this. I worked with FM long time ago but forgotten more than I knew.

I have about 140 contacts. I created a layout for business cards and would like to print a sheet of business card for each. How can I give each client 10 business card on 1 page. I copied the card layout 10 times on a 2nd layout but when I preview to print, it takes too long to fill up the page. Is there a way to do this quicker.


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The easy option is to create a new layout and specify that it is for "labels" and find a label template for labels whose dimensions are equal to your business cards. If you can't find one that works just right, however...


You want to set the layout up as a list view, and tell it to print in columns (see Layout Setup for that); and you want the height of the layout (which should be body part only, no header and no footer), when Page Setup is set for your biz card sheet (I assume you're using one of those perforated sheets that break up into business cards, as opposed to loading a bunch of business cards into the paper tray of your printer, yes?), shows an appropriate number of records in Preview Mode without chopping one of them through the middle at the page break. Resize the layout height until you get a perfect 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever, vertically, per page. Column width is determined by how many columns you said to print in, plus the page dimensions (such as Letter or A1 or whatever) plus or minus tweaks to the margin.


In browse mode you will not see the columns, just a single column list view; in Preview Mode however you should see both rows and columns just as they would print.

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