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Silly Questions from a Newbie


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Hey Everyone,

I have filemaker pro 10 and this is what im trying to do.

we are a small contractor company and here are my current tables

employees: contains employee info

timecard: shows how many hours and job location

reciepts: materials reciepts with breakdown of which job supplies are bought for

customers: customer/job info


Im am trying to connect all this.

1st. when i type an employee name into the timecard, how do i get it to automatically pick up their rate & emp id# from the employees table?

2nd. i want to figure out how many hours and how much money is spent at each job and to eventually portal that info into the customers table. how do i do that?


I think i have the tables set up ok, im unsure of calculations & relationships.smiley-undecided

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Your question could be answered in a book; there is a lot to it.


Let me try to start you down a path..... RDBMS 101 as it were.


Each table should have one field that is a primary key - a unique, serialized identifier. Users never need to see this field. You can set this up as an auto-entry serial number.


Every table typically needs to have a foreign key - a non-unique, non-serialized field, that relates to the primary key field in the related table.


In a relationship, the table with the primary key is the parent table, and the field with the relationship attached to the foreign key is the child table.


When you create a child record, the first thing in it, should be the foreign key field, which should be populated with the primary key content from the parent table.


NOW the parent table information is displayable in records based on the child.




In FM, everything is based on context. This is most apparent in layouts - screen designs. Each layout is based on a table occurrence and the fields there are based on this context - and the related tables.


If you are just getting into this, I would suggest getting familiar with table occurrences. They are a unique and powerful Filemaker construct that will make your life easier......


Read up on Table Occurrence Groups. Understanding this unique Filemaker concept will save you gadzillions of hours down the road.


Recommended reading - both available on the web. Ignore the version number of the second article - the concepts are still valid in FM 10.


FileMaker Development Methodologies

A pragmatic approach to developing complex FileMaker applications

Published on October 21, 2006 by Jonathan Stark


Key Concepts in FileMaker 7

Mapping New Territory

Michael Harris

Senior Partner, Cerné Systems, Inc.

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There is an excellent FREE template at http://www.fmstartingpoint.com/ which incorporates projects, contacts and even timesheets. Its a complex complete solution but you may be able to adapt a substantial amount for your purpose. It even comes with some instructional videos. Fill in some new contacts- project - expenses etc and play with it for a while. At the very least it will give you some design ideas and some scripts to use. It may even save you time and money to consult with the authors to alter the template to in some minor way to meet your particular application. Cheers

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Thanks for the tip for that biz template smiley-laughing.

Im in the middle of messing with it now to fit my needs, hopefully this will solve all my problems!

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