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Missing table


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I did something stupid and now do not know how I can fix it. Oh No!


I deleted the a table in one of my databases. I did not realize the significance of this until now. I was trying to create some new relationships and my table is not there. It is the table of the actual database it self. I have another table in there but this is of the link database. At this point I can't edit or add new fields to my database let alone relationships.


Hope someone can help me get out of this mess,


Thanks. George

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Well, you need to recreate that table. And if it had data in it, you'll have to reimport or re-enter all your data. And all your old relationships will have to be re-pointed at the newly recreated relationship, they won't "just see it". Likewise any layouts that use that table either natively or displaying related values from it. Etc.


Sounds like maybe a good time to revert back to the backup that you did of course make before deleting that table?

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Running Time Machine on that Mac? Now might be a good time to exploit that automated backup that was made.


Did you delete the table in the table list, or did you just delete the table viewed on the relationship graph? The latter is a far smaller problem.

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Thanks for the reply,


I can't really recall where I deleted the table from, could have been either, however it does not show in tables or relationships.


What I do not understand is why would the database have all the records in it, work fine, has relationships that work? I can across this when I needed to add another relationship.


Yes, I have time machine however all the backups I have are already with the table missing.


I just exported the records and it exported fine and created the table in the new file. Is there a way to import that table?


Again, I appreciate your help to get me out of this mess. smiley-laughing

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