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Send EMail on Record Creation? FM10 Server


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I have a bug tracking system I wrote in FM9 Adv Mac and Win, deployed on FM10 Server / OS X, and almost exclusively IWP clients on Windows.


It is a VERY low volume use bug tracking product, not due to any credit to my programming genius (not!) but to the very low volume usage of the various other FM databases deployed.


What I would like to do, is to automatically trigger an email to an account (my support account) whenever a record (bug / feature request) is added.


Right now, the only method I can figure out would be to manually create an error condition, and use the "Notification Settings" function of FM Server to send me a notification.


Although that complete kluge would probably work, is there a better way? I see that send mail is IWP compatible in FM10, but I am developing in FM9. Historically, I have found that I need to trap for all non-IWP compatible steps to keep the script from stopping. If I implement a Send Mail command, will FM10 server process it? smiley-undecided

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Download a trial version of 10 to install the trigger. The actual scripting can all be done in 9. I'd have the triggered script simply check a flag and run the real script if it is set.



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