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calculation--limited to last 7 records


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What calculation is needed to get the average of a number field, restricted to the last seven records of a database? I am a diabetic and I record blood glucose readings daily, and it would help me to know the average reading of last seven days.


Each page contains seven records, one for each day of the week. At the end of each week, I like to see what the average reading (number field) of my blood glucose. I already have an average field that calculates all records. The new field would show average of only the last seven days.

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Create a new calculated field with this value:


If (GluTestDate >/= Get(CurrentDate)-7;GluTestNum;"")



Then one more field: a summary field giving the "Average" of the above field.



Edit: ">/=" is greater than or equal to.

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Cool solution.


Be sure to set the storage on that field to "unstored — calculate as needed", though, or it won't work, since it references Get(CurrentDate)

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