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New! Capture Custom Functions v2

Ross MacLane

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Ross MacLane

New! Capture Custom Functions v2 is released




Capture Custom Functions v2 is released. Version 2 now includes functions from fmfunctions.com, coupled with the functions from Brian Dunning's site in the previous version. Also in version 2 the Range List now has 3 function portals to choose from. All from one set of filters. At startup, this file now checks both sites for new functions. If new functions are found they are automatically downloaded.


Capture Custom Functions is a new Starr Data FileMaker File that allows you to store your functions in a table. The file has an auto download feature that grabs new custom functions as they are posted from the web each time you open the file.


In another table, you can store your own Custom Functions from your other files.


What is neat about this system is that, at the press of a button you can put the function on the clipboard and carry it to another file. Or at the press of another button you can email a function to a FileMaker friend. After you download, feel free to send us your favorite custom function. The email address is located on the About page.


Complete instructions on how to do's can be found here.



System requirements for this file are Internet Access, FileMaker 9.0 or Higher. It may work on FileMaker version 8.5,which is not supported so calculations may be unstable.


Click Here to Download

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Robert Schaub



Any feedback? Is the file working ok for you?


Ross , Thanks for posting the artical.

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