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Bit of a let down?

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Ross MacLane

$29.99 a year! Give me a break. Hello!


Just to jump back in, seeing as I started something (that I'm sure happens with every version upgrade), the MDI/SDI and GUI is my biggest bugbear. I am writing a new system for windows clients, and its just painful trying to work within one window. Any new windows that open up are stacked, the main window becomes un-maximised and the potential for disaster looms.

If only I could create 'fake' dialogue boxes that just sit over a main window without minimising/maximising stuff my db could look and feel so much better.

The key to a good system (I believe) is simplicity of use, and there's nothing to beat that better than a clean interface.


All that said I love script triggers, as usual once you know ow to use and abuse them they're great.


Thanks for everyones help throughout this site, if I could afford to I would become a paid member (honest).


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Jack Rodgers
Wow. You have got to be kidding. Now FileMaker can operate on an Event model ...where user actions trigger scripts, not just pressing buttons... to manage the system. Sub-summaries in Preview Mode!!!!


That altra sweet!


Thanks you FileMaker!!!


I accidentaly discovered the report mode when showing a sorted list, that's nice.


But events, heck Hypercard offered those back around 1986 or so, I used them in various versions of 4th dimension 15 years ago and I think Foxbase used them....


Some of the bellyachings I made over the years have shown up but more needed such as modal windows with no un-needed scroll bars and close boxes.

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I got what I most wanted for the longest longest time: Set Field By Name.


I was expecting them to roll it into the standard Set Field — like above or below the dropdown list of all the tables to pick a possible field from, there'd be a "By Calculation" option. But I can sure live with this.


I've been wanting this feature since FileMaker 5.5 when they debuted GetField (). I said "Well yeah, that's nice on the object side of the sentence but you left out the subject side!" It only took them four and a half versions to catch up with that.

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