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Missionary Needs Custom Database

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I have been in the Philippines for 3 years. Right now our church congregation is over 1,000 and about 90% under the age of 20. We hav our church in the heart of a huge slum are in a town of 3 million. We expect to minister to 1,500-2,000 by June '09. We want to keep as good track of the children and their families needs as humanly possible.


THis is called being a good shepherd. God knows every hair on our heads, he knows when the sparrows fall, and he noticed when one out of 100 lambs got lost, and he went out to bring it back in. That motivates me to do my best!


Please contact me if you are interested.


Must have experience with FM and implementation of scanners and Id cards.


The following are our needs

- Check-in using their cards

- Malnourished children use their card to receive their rice & vitamins

- Track the more than 200 dental patients we have a year

- Record for pregnant mothers & Vitamins they receive

- Birthdays

- Volunteer tracking (currently 100+ and 20+ staff)

- Bus drivers

- SPonsorship program

- Special Needs children

- Job Applications

- implement a credit system whereby credit can be gained and and lost as a result of using the credit to purchase extra personal items (ie, rice, toothpaste, etc.)

- Props & Supply inventory

- Record of Weekly Winners



* To be able to store the data on handheld scanner thn dump it to the hard drive afterward.





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Is this a commercial request, or is it a pro bono request. Are you willing to upgrade to Filemaker 9?

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I would be just as grateful for a probono as well as someone to pay.


If you are interested in contracting this for pay, I would need an estimate of cost. Is your rate according to job or hours? Either way, I need numbers to work with so I can plan accordingly.

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And yes, if upgrading is needed from 7 to 9, I'd be ok with that.

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