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Self Join Problem


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I am new to FileMaker so this result probably can be addressed and solved by someone with a few days more experienced than me.


Database structure:


1. One table containing eight records with three fields (a primary key, QuantityBought, and QuantitySold)

2 The relationship consists of a join between the primary key, and a second condition where QuantityBought



The layout contains the three fields where in "table view" the layout shows all eight rows. Four Rows/records that successfully meet the condition and four blank rows for those that don't. I would prefer not to see blank rows. Any assistance would be much appreciated.


The file is attached. Thank you.



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Hi, and welcome to the board!


What you want: a Form View with a PORTAL to your selfjoin relationship. It will only display matching records.


What you have: a Table View. Each record in the existing found set is going to display as a line ("row", if you wish), whether there is a matching selfjoin-relationship record associated with it or not. That's how table view works. So does List View, for that matter.

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