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Importing Records [Help]


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Hey guys,


I'mporting records is quite easy, but there is a feature on my FileMaker Pro 6 that isn't working. On the top right of the screen, when you import a file, it has options on how to sort the fields in both files. The matching same named fields option can never be used. Example:


Field Column 1 | Field Column 2




The matching option would align all fields that match up, name-wise, with each other thus preventing me from having to click-n-drag to get them to match. Basically I'm just trying to figure out how to get that option working so I can instantly match up named fields on both files to reduce the amount of time it takes to import. Thanks for your time!



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You mean that option is greyed out?


What TYPE of file are you importing from (another FmPro file, Excel, tab delimited text, something else)?

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I can't replicate your problem. See screen shot. I created a .csv file from an Excel spreadsheet, then created a FileMaker 6 db and went File, Import Records, and in the ensuing dialog was able to select any of the "Import Order" options including "matching names".

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Oops my error!


The option readily available is named "field names". It would line up fields in FileMaker 6 with the same named columns in the CSV file.


The option named "matching names" is indeed greyed out. Hmm, I am totally drawing a blank about what the heck that was for! But the "field names" option is the one you want, judging from your descrip of what you are trying to do.

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