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Remove Filemaker Dialog?


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I am wondering if it is possible to remove the Filemaker dialog after running a search and having 0 results. Instead of the usual dialog that comes up with three choices..."modify find" ; "continue" ; "cancel" I want to display my own custom dialog with my own choices that directs it to certain things depending on the user's choice. So I have a button that goes a little like this

Perform Find

If Get(FoundCount) = 0

Show Custom Dialog "No matches Found. Modify Find or Cancel"

If Get(LastMessageChoice) = 1

Modify Last find

Else Go to __B__Layout

Enter Browse Mode

Show All Records

Else Go to __A__Layout

End If


My problem is though none of that ever follows through, once the perform find goes, and no results were found it shows Filemaker's dialog and choices other than modify find screws everything up. I'm not sure if my script was even right but I just need a way to get around that filemaker dialog. Help PLEASE!!!! Thanks in Advanced guys!

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Before the Perform Find step insert a Set Error Capture[On] step. That will suppress the FM dialog.


Edit: BTW it looks like you have too many Else steps without conditions.

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OH Lord! Thank You, I feel like such a dork, you know what though I was thinking about adding it on but I just never did and I don't know why. Thanks a lot!! People like me just need the answer slapped across their face. Haha

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