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Connectivity to version 5 from a Delphi application


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I need to connect to FM 5 from a Delphi app I wrote. I cannot convert the FM 5 files to a newer version and I don't have the original FM install disks.

Where can I find an ODBC driver or a resource that explains how to connect to FM from custom-made apps?


Sorry if this has been discussed before but I could not find anything regarding this by glancing at the forum.



Alessandro Federici

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I haven't the vaguest idea what a "Delphi app" might be, but FileMaker 5 does have built-in two-way ODBC capabilities. Don't expect robust or speedy though.


You want to do the queries from the vantage point of this "Delphi" thing, I take it? Hmm, that IS going to be difficult without the installation CDs, as you would indeed need the drivers for Delphi to access the FmPro data.


I'm not a Windows user but I probably have the CDs floating around somewhere, and they install cross-platform. Be a bit of a hassle rummaging around in my storage locker though, so if you can score the drivers off a Windows user (more likely to have them handy) I'll let them field that. In the mean time though, is this a FileMaker db in actual ongoing use, such that you have sufficient reason to keep that structure in FileMaker and tap into it on an ongoing basis? As opposed to simply spitting out the data in a mutually compatible format and importing it into your Delphi system?

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Hi and thanks for your quick response!

Delphi is a Windows language that comes with a full IDE. Pretty much like C#, C++, Java or alike. It was first developed by Borland but it's going through some rough times now. Anyhow, it seems that getting this driver is a bit if an issue (people that have it are being unresponsive) so I was trying to find a quicker way to get this started. I would greatly appreciate any help.

As far as that version being in actual ongoing use the answer is yes, but for whatever the reason those people are years behind the FM curve and they don't seem interested in upgrading (AFAIK). Unfortunately I have got to access that data so I don't have many options...

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