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How to display records from Table A when there is no match to Table B


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I need to produce a report that is reporting off of 2 tables. Table A is a list of contracts that specifies data files we are entitled to receive. Table B lists all the data files we have in house. Table A and B are related by contract number. I would like for a report to show all contracts in table A and all data files in table B, but to also show any contracts in table A that do not have data files in table B.




Contract 1:

Data File A

Data File B


Contract 2:

Data File C


Contract 3:

Data File D

Data File E


Contract 4:

(no data files)


Contract 5:

(no data files)


I would accomplish this in Access via an outer join. My understanding is that FM does not do outer joins. Any ideas on how I can do this?


I've explored using a portal, but I have numerous records in Table B and can not anticipate the exact number of rows I will need in the portal. I need for the report to automatically show all the records in Table B.


Appreciate any help..


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Helo, pattyrod.

In attacment you will see two tables A and B.

And in layout A you can see what record of table A have not mutch record in B. If you want to see all such records in A find in this table recived="no".

I Am afraid that i dont understand you.!?

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