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Double Clicking


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I'd like to have a user be able to double click a field and have it launch a layout containing data related to that field. I can't seem to figure out how to assign a Double Click Event (is that the correct word?) to a field, I'm new to FM so forgive me is this is a redundant or trivial task. I'm using FM 9.0 Advanced on a Mac.





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in layout mode, ctrl-clicking a field or other object will show a contextual menu. You can attach a script or a script step (define button) to it

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Hi Michael ,

Kjoe has told you how to assign a button attribute to an object, so that clicking it (single click) will perform an action (or series of scripted actions).


There is no native support for assigning actions to be performed on double-click (as opposed to a single click). FileMaker interprets a double click as two single clicks in fast succession.


If you want your database to differentiate between single and double clicks, you will have to script it to do so. It's possible, but a little tricky to set up. You will find an example of a technique for doing this at:




The example shows a portal row being made double-clickable, but the same basic principles can be applied to a field or any other object. smiley_cool

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Thanks Ray & Kjoe,


I've downloaded the demo, your right it looks very tricky. From the looks of it I need to create a new field to hold the TimeStamp + 1, after that I get totally lost. I think I'll hold off on my double click feature for a while and revisit it when I have a little more time with FM.


Thanks again,



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