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More help on a probably very simple query please.

It's that acupuncture database again, which is growing up nicely, but a bit of a troublesome adolescent right now.

I have a 'Treatments' table, for acupuncture treatments given to clients. The acupuncture points used are recorded using a drop-down list that pulls in data from another table, called 'Points'. At the moment it is an un-related table, and just used as a simple value list.

However, each point (there are over 300, or will be when I've put them all in) has a diagram attached. I would like to be able to display a small version of the diagram - as a 'container' - alongside the points.

At the moment I'm not able to do this, mainly, I suspect, because the 'Treatments' and 'Points' tables are not liked.

Finally, the question. How do I set things up so when I enter a value from a value list (which is also a table) can the table you're entering the value in to also 'pull over' the relevant graphic image, which is another field in the 'value list' table.

Again, thanks. I will quite happily offer a few free acupuncture sessions to anyone who can sort me out, and lives within easy travel of West Yorkshire!

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a) The diagrams should be in Container fields in your Points table, one container field per Points record.


b) Whatever field the dropdown value list of points is attached to should be hooked to the field in Points that the value list gets its values from to begin with. That becomes your relationship between Treatments and Points.


c) Once you have such a relationship you can display the related field Points::ContainerField on your Treatments layout.

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