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Visual cues for Layout Objects


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As I look at unknown databases, is there a way learn more about the nature of objects? For example, is there a way to know if an object is a button or has a button attached to it? Even if I go to Button Setup... and it says "Do Nothing", I still don't know if it's a button or other object that I have selected.


Wouldn't it be nice if a selected object would be identifed on the toolbar as a button, field, etc. I seem to have to do a lot of clicking to analyze each object.


I ask, as I am trying to learn from the sample databases.





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You can make a button from the following "things" (and it is probably incomplete):


1) A button (duh!.... this one was hard)

2) A field on the layout

3) A text object on the layout (maybe I should say ANY object on the layout)

4) A field in a portal - however - be careful as you may end up choosing the entire portal record and lose the ability to edit the portal fields (even if you later go back and select "do nothing" as the button action).

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As I look at unknown databases, is there a way learn more about the nature of objects?

Hi Sonny,

One of the things you might find useful, is to turn on some of the options in the View>Show>... submenu, in Layout mode.


For instance, if you select View>Show>Buttons, all the objects in the layout that are defined as buttons will appear with a shaded border, so you can more easily find the buttons (even if they are not conventional "button" style objects).


As Techphan says, most layout objects can be defined as a button. But in fact button objects can also be defined as "not-a-button" (by assigning the "Do Nothing" attribute in the Button Setup dialog). When a button object is defined to do nothing, it is in fact exactly the same as a text object with embossing.


So in fact the distinction between button objects and other layout objects is not as clear-cut as it may first seem. However by using the View>Show>Buttons option, you should be able to identify the button objects on unfamiliar layouts fairly efficiently.


...and you'll likely find the other options on the View>Show>... menu list in layout mode equally useful. smiley-wink





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