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Relational database query


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I'm tying myself in very fine knots here, with what I'm sure is something with a ridiculously simple solution.

I want a database of clients, each of whom have treatments. I want to be able to add treatments as appropriate, and sometimes display only the treatments for a particular client.

At the moment I have two tables, one for 'clients' and another for 'treatments'. I have a client ID# in each table, which is linked by a relationship.

If I set up a layout for the 'treatments' table, it displays ALL the treatments I have recorded - in other words for all clients. How do I get a layout which only displays treatments for one particular client?

And related to this, I would like each client to have an automatically-generated treatment 'session' number - so client 'Fred' (client ID#1) has a list of treatments on different dates, starting with session 1, and 'Sam' (client ID#2) has the same. I have set things up so each client gets an automatically-generated ID# (incremental by 1 as each new client is recorded) but when I do the same for 'treatments', obviously the treatments table just does the same thing, so I end up with a list of treatments (for all clients) with each record sequentially-numbered, but that's not what I want.


I'm sure I am missing something so fundamental that you can only stare, open-mouthed, at my naivety. And apologies to anyone reading this who's already tried to help! And I'm sure what I want could be achieved with the use of scripts, but I just feel there must be a simpler way I'm missing...


Eternal gratitude and good karma to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

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Generally speaking, you don't make a layout that displays only certain data, you either do a Find which isolates certain data from the well of all data, or you make a script that does that whenever you click a button, or you make a portal from the Client to the Treatment showing only that client's treatments.


Layouts are interfaces that display all the records that are in that layout's native table.

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