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Displaying the modification date


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Hello everyone,


I need some help in the display of the modification date:


When I open the file, a "welcome" layout is displayed with buttons to choose which table I want to access, like "Individuals", "Nests", "Genotypes".

Now I want to display beside each button, when the table to which it leads was last modified.


In each table, I have a field displaying the last modification date ("LastModInd" etc.), and a summary field showing the very last modification date for the whole table ("MaxLastModInd" etc.)

How can I make the "MaxLastModInd"... display on the "Welcome"-layout?


Thank you in advance for your help!



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You can't, you have to make that evaluation externally.


Make a universal join relationahip between the table that your Welcome layout uses as its native table and each of the other tables. (By "universal join" I mean pick any old field on either side then use the "x" not the "=" to link them)


Then in the Welcome layout's native table make fields like this:


LastModInd = Maximum (UniversalToIndivs::Modification TimeStamp)


LastModNests = Maximum (UniversalToNests::ModificationTimeStamp)



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