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Get record from 2 separate table


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Hi everybody,


I have a serious problem, i built a database including 4 tables. My first table is my layout for my project that show the 3 others table as portal. The first portal (STATUS) contain a project stage name according to a schedule of production (STATUS_NAME) and a start date (STATUS_START) and end date (STATUS_END). I got the second portal (PROD) that contain the actual production data for the project, the stage name (PROD_NAME), a start date (PROD_START) and a end date (PROD_END). I must create 2 tables because some of the stage name aren't everytime the same.


My problem is, how can i put a field on STATUS that is telling me (COMMING, ON TIME, LATE) that the STATUS_NAME is on time by checking the date on PROD. For each STATUS_NAME record i want to know if it is on time according to the actual production.


I don't know how to find the same NAME (status_name and prod_name) on my 2 differents table to compare the date


I don't know if my question is understable but my english is not perfect smiley-wink


Thanks in advance for your great help smiley-tongue-out

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