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Printing issue


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I have a layout-for-printing which currently looks like this:








Only sometimes, when there's too much information in one of these fields, it doesn't print everything. Is there anyway I can set fields to "stretch" automatically for printing so nothing would get cut?

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In layout mode if you click on that textblock you will see four resize-handles.


If you want to accomodate a wider field drag to the right. It will end up looking vaguely like this (notice the little dots; those are your resize handles):


•<<artist>>                  •
<<date of birth>>
•<<biography>>               •


You can also drag down to accomodate fields that have long flowing text that wraps to additiona lines.

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Hey, AHunter3, thanks for replying!


I don't think I've made myself comprehensible, though. I've already used the resize handles...


Thing is, some biographies are much longer than others, and I'd like that > field to adjust automatically to the page. So when I have to print, say, a 5-line artist biography and a 60-line one, together, I can save some paper and don't have to check each biography and change them manually so they don't get cut.


Is there any way to do that?

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Sorry I left out the important part!


Drag those handles to accomodate the world's most astonishingly longwinded entry. Especially vertically, stay within page margins horizontally but vertically go 16 furlongs tall or something.


THEN, having done so, select it d tell it and everything under it on your layout and invoke "sliding and printing" (⌘-Option-T) and tell it all to slide up and reduce size of enclosing part.


Result is that on records where it's a tiny little snippet of data, the layout "closes up" to get rid of the unused white space. It will only use as much of that ridiculous amount of space as it actually needs. It will NOT expand wider to accomodate something bigger though so make it as big as you'll ever need it.


Gotchas to avoid: I think the textblock has to be formatted left & top justified, don't do centered-vertically or it shoots it down. I think you also need to avoid object outlines (? not sure ?) and don't group it with any other objects.

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