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Multiple (unicode) Languages


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Hi Guys,

I am working on a database that when finished, will need to display text and field data in several languages. My overall plan is to contain all displayed text that would normally be in a static text box (ie. field labels, headlines, etc.), in a related field instead. Record 1 in this related table is the text in English, record 2 is the text in Mongolian, record 3 is the text in Czech, and so on. The user would simply choose which record to use in a preference area and all the displayed text will shift to the language of that record. Then if the OS is also set to that language, they will be able to enter data in that language also.


I understand that Filemaker is unicide compliant, but I'm still new to the international scene. What steps do I need to do for the above to work? If the computers language setting is set to Mongolian, then will only the mongolian fonts work? Do I need a mongolian arial font? Are these fonts readily available (Mongolian is only an example, but others)? Do I need to convert my computers system language to Mongolian to activate a mongolian font in order to translate and enter text in the Mongolian record?


I searched the Filemaker Knowledgebase, the Training series and this website and can't find a clean answer on how to use the multiple language feature available and how to develop for it. I hope this isn't confusing to read, but at this point I'm not sure if I'm asking the right questions.


Any insights or direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently working with 8.5 Advanced, but if I need to upgrade to make this work, so be it.



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