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Hey again,


I'm having trouble yet again. What I'm trying to do is make a script that will automatically fill out fields for me. Here is an example:


I have three categories such as Optometry, Dentistry, and Neurology ...


When I click on a button it makes all "Title" fields in those specific categories change to "Dr." ...


How would I go about doing that without having to type out a HUGE script? Right now I'm looking at having to do each category separate, but I'm hoping there is a smaller form of doing it. Appreciate the help, thanks!



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I don't understand the problem or the question... or something.


Can youi describe in excruciating detail how you'd go about doing it MANUALLY? Are you saying you would stick your arrow cursor in each of three different fields in the same individual record and type the exact string "Dr." in each of those three fields? Are you saying that you have 3 related records one of which is for the Optometrist, one for the Neurologist, and one for the Dentist (or perhaps those three were 'examples' and sometimes it might be four or six or seventeen?) and you want to make the title be "Dr." in all of them however many there are? Are you saying that IF some other field HAPPENS to have "Optometrist", "Dentist", or "Neurologist" in it you want the title field to automatically change to "Dr." ?

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I just want to be able to click a button and have the "Title" field in any specified category change to "Dr."


Note that "Category" is a field also. I have different professions set in the category fields and I'd like to be able to format specific ones as "Dr." with a click of a button, or "Mr.", etc.

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To make any field automatically fill in a value in response to some other field obtaining a certain value or set of values, go into field definitions; select the field in question in this case the field Title, see Options, click Options, and specify an auto-enter calculation formula which in this case would be akin to this, if your other field is named Category:


Case (Category = "Optometrist" or Category = "Dentist" or Category = "Neurologist"; "Dr."; Title)



Then, after you OK that formula, you will see a checkbox for "do not replace existing values" which, by default, will be checked; uncheck it so that every time you CHANGE the category it changes the title value as per the formula.

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I got it to work through a button, but to do it I had to enter find mode and make it search for all categories and then replace them based off your calculation. Problem with that is that it overwrites all the other searches as well. Also I have no idea how I'm going to get it to decide if they are male or female for "Mr." or "Ms.", so I was wondering what I could do with that.

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