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Display more than 2 items in drop-down


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I don't understand the question. A dropdown list should display as many items as are in the value list.


Do you mean "without scrolling"?


The number of values that show without scrolling down for more, for any given field and any given value list, depends, I think, on the formatting of the field (size & font), where on the layout it lies, how far upscreen the field happens to be scrolled to, the OS, and possibly the values IN the value list although I'm not positive that that makes a diff.

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I apolgize for not being more clear. I have a drop down list that's displaying values from a value list. The value list is using values from a field. I would like to display more than 2 fields from the database.


Hope this helps.

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No real way but you can cheat by creating a calc field.


MyCalcField = Field A & " " & Field B & " " & Field C


ValueList = Field X also showing values from MyCalcField


= effectively Field X also showing Field A; Field B; and Field c

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I enquired about this a few weeks ago (see post: http://filemakertoday.com/com/showthread.php?t=18884 ) and discovered that in the Manage Value Lists area, if you are displaying values from a field, you can tell your list to "Also display values from second field" by checking the checkbox. Unfortunately, I think you can only display the information from one additional field, but it's a really handy feature. Please post again if you have any questions.


Hopefully this is helpful (and what you are trying to do).



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Thanks for your reply! I actually needed 3 items to appear in the drop down. I selected the first field and selected to display values from a second field. The second field is a calculated field that combines 2 fields to give me a total of 3 fields. Hope this makes sense....


Thanks again,


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