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Export Portal Data


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We have some Excel files where there are accountID numbers, the one unique field, and services. There can be from 3 to 9 services per accountID. In the Excel file each service is an individual row.


I need one row displaying the accountID and the 3-9 services along side.


I imported the Excel file into FM. Then I can display the services through a portal based upon accountID.


Can I export back to Excel or txt file with all services on same row as accountID?





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Make a calculated field with the following "definition:"


Trim (MyTable::AccountID & " " & MyTable::Service1 & " " & MyTable::ServiceN(repeat for 2-8) & " " & MyTable::Service9)**



** I used one space (as indicated by the " ") between fields. You can use this or any other text separator that you want (substitute "your choice" for " ").

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I thought this made sense, but still cloudy.


Looking at your calculation I need to create fields Services1, Services2, etc. Do I have these fields before I import?

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