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Extracting a filename of sorts


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Hi there experts -


I just know someone can help me here.


I have to parse a value from the following list of files - its the files name. I have about 10,000 records so doing it manually is not an option.


Below are some original value, then beside it the value I need to extract - you can see that the various language files have the language reflected in the file name (example bricks-fr is the french file)


I am trying to relate the files, regardless of language


/en/instructions/category%20a/sa2009au.htm = sa2009

/fr/instructions/category%20a/sa2009au.htm = sa2009

/en/instructions/category%20b/canola.htm = canola

/en/extras/files/new/bricks.htm = bricks

/fr/extras/files/old/bricks-fr.htm = bricks


Many thanks in advance,



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I would need a comprehensive list of all the "country codes" that need to be removed from the far right end along with "htm"


FileMaker not going to "just know" that fr probably means france and au probably means australia.

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You are also going to have a problem where there is inconsistency such as the country code not starting with a "–" as in the sa2009au.htm example. What if the file ends with au but it is not a country (e.g. landau.htm)?

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Hi guys,


here is a list of country abbreviations that are used,


en (occasionally)









Many thanks -



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So you would always want those country codes stripped off the end even when they are part of the actual word? Where is the au from your first example?

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Yeah what he said.


What happens when someone wants or created a file for "lemonade"?



I will be able to search on records where there is no relationship and so doing work out any such strange instances - most of the files are numbered anyway - and for those that are not, I should be able to do something

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