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control of field color


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what controls the fill color displayed when the behavior of a field has chosen "select entire contents of field on entry" as an option



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In Mac OS X go to System Preferences/Appearance and change Highlight Color to one of your choice. Easy, although this is a system-wide preference.


In Windows XP if you right-click on the Desktop, select Properties, select Appearance tab, click Advanced, from the 'Item:' menu choose 'Selected Items' and pick your preferred color there, it seems to change the highlight color everywhere but for selected text in applications. Very frustrating. I think it may only be possible by editing the registry. Someone may well have written a utility that does this but I don't know.

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when the following:


background gray, font black,, when selected, backgroud black, font white

background red, font black, when selected, background aqua (?), font white



i tried what you said,, don't just what is controlling it,,


thx again

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