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Open file without log in dialog


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A basic question - when opening a newly created file and before adding new accounts with passwords, the solutions opens directly to the first layout or the one as indicated in the opening script or in the file options.


Once a password is added for a user account, the solution opens using the log in dialog window. After the solution begins opening with the dialog window there does not seem to be a way to go back to it opening without the dialog window. Or, is there a way to omit the log in window at that point?


I understand security concerns and passwords, but having a solution open directly to a particular layout for information purposes, and then when the user wants to continue further, a re-login script can be used to continue. I guess the user account would not be able to use a password, but some security could be retained with a more complex user account name.


Someone help me with this concept.


Is there something wrong with this method?

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You can do this reasonably simply.


1. Create a login privilege set that has read only access and view only access for just one layout - the login screen layout.

2. Create an account with account name login and password login, and assign the login privilege set.

3. Set the file options so that the file is automatically opened with the login account and goes to the login layout.

4. Add a button on the login screen layout that runs a script that allows the user to relogin and, if successful, goes to a main menu.


See how that works for you.

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Thanks, David. I will try it.


It is for an IWP database I have online, and I feel this may make a better entry page for those coming to it.

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Just some advice: If you have a question for IWP, mention that in your original post. Otherwise you will get answers that may or may not work for IWP.


My above answer may not work for IWP.

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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