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How do I store a list of client treatments...?


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OK, I'm sure this is a very simple query, but here goes anyway.

I'm designing a database to store acupuncture clients. For each client, I want to be able to record a list of treatments that they receive. Most of the time a client will come back weekly for another treatment.

At the moment I have a 'main' database of basic client demographics, and a unique identifier that I have made a relationship to in a separate database called 'treatments'.

When I want to add a new record to this, I need to enter the client ID# every time. Is there some way (and I'm sure there is) of making the 'treatments' database like a sub-database within each client's record, rather than what feels like a completely separate list?

I expect after a couple of weeks tearing my hair out I could finally work this out for myself, but hair is at a premium.

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If I understand you, you have a table with clients and a table with clients and the treatments they have had. I would set a relationship between the two tables, based on the client ID, and allow record to be created via this relationship in the client treatment table. Then, with a portal set up on the client table layout, you could see all the treatments a client had and add more from the same layout.

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That 'portal' word keeps cropping up. I vaguely thought it had something to do with my needs, but kept avoiding it in case it accidentally whisked me through to another dimension at warp factor seven. This would be inconvenient as I have a dental appointment Monday.

More explanation on 'portal' would be great, please. In the meantime, I'll 'RTFM' again...

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A portal is like a window into the other tables, but only in real time and only at warp factor "as fast as I can type"...and it really is what you need. It is a fundamental way that filemaker is able to allow you to see and use data without having to re-enter info like client ID each time.

It seems what you are after is simple and if you like and can try and talk (or type) you through it. Can you give me more info on how your database is set up?

you can email me if that is easier

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