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Stopping a portal from scrolling when running a script


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Hi, I'm not sure if this is how the forum is supposed to work (and if it's not can someone let me know) but I've just spent an hour trying to solve this one and I've found an answer. Since I couldn't find anything in the forum I thought I should post it.


My problem was that I had a portal on a layout which had a button on each row that would run a script on the record for the portal row in question. As the script would jump to another layout and then return to the original layout the portal would of course reset to the first record which was disconcerting for the user.


The only way round this I could find was to use the New Window() script step to open a new window at the start of the script and then Close Window() to close it at the end. The window is defined as 1 pixel by 1 pixel so the user doesn't see it but it means the original window's portal is undisturbed.





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