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SubSummary Report


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Hello, I am currently banging my head against the wall. I've searched and read the posts on sub summary's but no help.


What I am trying to do is given a number of records that each have a category designation and come up with a list of the category's with the number of records in each category.


For example:









Cat 2

Dog 3

Frog 1


So that these can be used in a graph chart. I can get the sub summary to work but not in a usable format. Seems simple, probably is but it evades me.

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I can get the sub summary to work but not in a usable format. Seems simple, probably is but it evades me.


Hi Gordon,


By "get the sub summary to work but not in a usable format", I will take it to mean that you have produced the totals but the totals are not data that you can export or manipulate for use in your graph.


If this assumption is correct, here are some ideas.


First it is important to understand that summary totals and sub summary totals are data that does not really exist in your file, the *existence* of the totals is a temporary situation based on a grouping [found set] of records and a sort order. In other words, nothing is stored, so there is nothing for you to grab for your graph.


But there are ways to grab the totals in a more usable form.


Here's one:

You can export the sub summary data by sorting the set on the sort field, choosing to export the summary field(s) summarization. You can export in a variety of formats, Excel and FileMaker being good ones for use with your graph.


To export the summary data,

Sort the records

File menu > Export Records


Notice the Group By section, click the check box for the sort field.

Move the fields, including the summary field to the Field export order list. When the summary field moves over, notice there are two items, one is the field, the second will be in italics and will will list by the sortField that you choose. You can remove the standard field unless you want one record export per record in the group. Without the standard field, your export will include only as many records as you had sub totals.


A second method involves using the Get(Summary) function.


Create a calculation using this function. The first parameter is the summary field, the second will be the break field or the field you sort by.


The result will display on each record as long as the layout is sorted by the break field.


Which method you choose depends upon what you ultimately want to do with the summary data once captured.





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Greetings Gordon,


If the chart is internally generated (like from a plugin or webviewer object), you'll probably need the data in a single text string.


For this, you can have a script traverse the sorted records and assemble the string. An algorithm for this is described in detail here:



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