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Attach Same PDF to Email


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I'm probably making this harder than it should be. I had it working from my mac, but the PCs did not attach the file.


I have a static PDF that needs to email as an attachment when a script is run by the user. Users are on PCs.


The "To" will come from the record they are on.




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Unclear on what the problem is.


Your email fails to have the attachment?


No email gets generated?


The wrong PDF gets attached?



Are you using Send Mail [] as your script step and specifying the PDF as the file attachment?


Did you write the script from the PC that will be used to run the script or did you write the script from a Mac? (file paths differ, you know! you have to convert using a calculation if you are in an x-plat environment and script needs to work for both platforms).


Is the file on a file server, or are you trying to attach LocalFile.PDF which is on YOUR DESKTOP to an email being sent by Joe PCUser down the hall?

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The email fails to have the attachment.


I know the PC cannot locate the file. I am just unsure how to make it seen by all.


I created the script from my Mac.



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a) File needs to be on a file server accessible to both Macs and PCs. Not your local computer.


b) Duplicate your script and manually go fish for the same file from a PC. Once you've done so you'll see a PC style file path like "filewin://J:/Attachments/MyFile.pdf" or "filewin:///FileServer/Attachments/MyFile.pdf" or some such thing.


c) compare that string to the string that you saved in the original script, made from a Mac, which will be akin to "filemac://FileServer/Attachments/MyFile.pdf"


d) In your email script, set a $variable to a calculation that will reconcile correctly depending on platform, something like Case (Abs(Get(SystemPlatform))=1, "filemac://FileServer/Attachments/MyFile.pdf", ""filewin://J:/Attachments/MyFile.pdf")


e) In your Send Mail script step, for the attachment, specify your $variable not the hardwired path (and not a calculation, just $variable)

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