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Help! Online data entry doesn't work...


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My database is shared int he office so that managers can enter information, but when information is entered only some of it sticks, the rest disappears into cyberspace. Is this a common problem?


The layout used to enter information is a pretty standard form, minus the tabs, for contact management. Most fields are indexed text and there is no difference in formatting that I can find between the fields that accept data entry and the ones that don't.


The problem only occurs when an admin user from the network tries to enter, not when data is entered from the proper program.

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Can you clarify: Are you having trouble with web publishing, or networked FileMaker Pro clients?


Can you provide some specs of the clients and host?

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Ender, you have to realise we're not speaking the same language. I started using Filemaker just over a month ago and I know nothing about programming. It got dumped on me and was obviously a big mess.


The program is on a remote computer, and is only shared on the intranet within my office. It was already being used when I started this job, so I don't know much about it. The database has about 1500 entries, 50 fields. Fields are names, addresses, phone numbers, notes, meeting dates, dollar amounts, etc.


There are between 10 and 20 different computers connected to the network, and they link to the database through firefox. The users who access the database have full administrative permissions, but when anyone tries to enter information onto the database through the network the information in some but not all the fields gets lost.


I have a full version of the program on my hard drive, and when I enter data into the shared file it all remains available, it just doesn't seem to work over the web. This is frustrating because account managers can create new contacts and put in some information but not everything they need to enter.


That's about as much information as I can give, I honestly don't know much more about the program.

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It sounds like you're doing web publishing. That being the case, there's a wide variety of things that could cause problems--from incorrect Access Privileges in FileMaker, to coding inconsistencies in the web pages. Given that you don't really know what you have set up or how it's designed to work, I think this would be very difficult to troubleshoot in a forum.


I recommend you hire a local FileMaker consultant to diagnose and repair your issues.

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There is something seriously wrong with the organisation if a clerk who has been there 5 minutes is tasked with fixing an issue with a web-enabled database. I would concur with Ender - they should be paying someone to have a look at it.

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Haha, oh David Head, I agree completely.


Too bad I'm just a clerk, I'd probably be better at running the company than its owners. What can you do?


Thanks anyway...

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