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24 and 25 switch

ted godwin

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Hello All,


I am





I need to know if there is a way where the contents of one field can change the contents of other field instantly upon its alteration.


Im making a scanning database and need to change a series of calculations based upon the speed at which i scan the film. I have everything setup and working correctly for scanning at 25 frames per second.

Field one has a value list of 24 and 25 in a pull down menu, which affects nothing when changed from one to the other.


Field 2 and 3 are timecode in and out values.

Field 4 is number of the first frame, calculated from the timecode in field


//((Middle(timecode_IN; 1; 2)*3600) +

(Middle(timecode_IN; 4; 2)*60) +

(Middle(timecode_IN; 7; 2)) +

(Middle(timecode_IN; 10; 2)/25))


Field 5 is the number of the last frame, calculated from the timecode out field


((Middle(timecode_OUT; 1; 2)*3600) +

(Middle(timecode_OUT; 4; 2)*60) +

(Middle(timecode_OUT; 7; 2)) +

(Middle(timecode_OUT; 10; 2)/25))


Field 6 is total number of frames


Ive made 2 sets of everything calculatable. One set all the calculations work on 24, and other set work on 25.


I want to be able to change the value list from 25 to 24, and have fields 2-6 update, based now on calculations based on 24. Is there a way to replace the 25 based fields with the 24 based fields by changing the master value list from 25 to 24 and back again?


Or is there a way to swap out a calculation in a calculation field based on the setting from a value list?


I looked for if-then scenarios, but I dont know if this should be script based or calculation or relational or what. The control only has to happen on the local page and would not update or be affected by anything outside.


Ill keep trying.


Thaks in advance

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