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Hey Peeps,


Is it better to write a script to find records on a range of dates or a script to filter the range of dates? And how would you do it? (I'm a complete noob)

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Here is the difference I think you mean:


1) For records in a table, you can click on the magnifying glass and put in two dates separated by two periods (ie; 4/1/2008..4/15/2008).


If you want to make this a little more user friendly put two global date fields in the header of the table containing the records you want to search (call them Global:StartDate and Global::EndDate).


Then run a script containing these items (you can add more "things" for the script to do or even call more scripts from within this script, or call this script from another script):


Enter find mode

Set field (MyTable::Date; Global::StartDate & ".." & Global::EndDate)

Perform find




2) The "filter" I think you were referring to is to use a portal. Let's say you are a veterinarian and have records of cats and dogs as well as treatment records for those animals.


Create a layout (use form view) for an animal and put a portal in the body of the layout for treatment records. Each one of those treatment records will have a date and you can sort the portal by date. Suppose you want to see only the records for 2008.


You would need to have a Treatment::Year calculated numeric field (=Year(Treatment::TxDate) and a global field in the layout (for convenience near the portal). Make the Global::Year field a drop-down value list with years defined (2007, 2008, etc) and when you choose a year (and then click outside the global date field) you will get only the treatment records for 2008.


One last thing: this will only work if Global::Year is linked to Treatment::Year in the relationship tab of the manage database section.

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Sorry for my very late response (I was pulled off this project but now I'm back on). And Thanks for your help.


I tried to construct the script as in your example, but I can 't seem to create the script in your example. It gives me error when I try to duplicate the script.


Here is what I have:

(Think WIP r2::Date In Shop; Think WIP r2::StartDate & ".." & Think WIP r2::EndDate)


I get "The are more ")" than there are "("..."


And I don't quiet understand the syntax, the start date and end date field when I named them Global::StartDate Global::EndDate it tells me I can't use the field in a calculation. I am confused.

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I got it!


Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [Think WIP r2::Date In Shop; Think WIP r2::StarDate & "..." & Think WIP r2::StarDate]

Perform Find []


Thanks point me in the right direction!


But I got another problem. I do another find on the Found Set (picking out a salesman) it returns the correct result but the date range gets reset. What am I doing wrong?

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